Bigelow Green Tea with Mint – Little of This, Little of That

Bigelow Green Tea Mint


: Mmmm Bigelow Tea… Their vast selection is always interesting to sample. Today’s catch brought in their Green Tea with Mint. A very pleasant and mild aroma is generated at first steep, clearly paving the way for a great tasting tea. The green tea flavor is slightly more noticeable than the mint, and the overall smoothness is clearly noticeable. Bigelow did a fine job on their Green Tea with Mint, the lasting flavor makes your mouth as comfortable as a Sunday in pajamas. The entire opposite of lackluster, big upsBigelow.

Rating: A


: A big shout out to Bigelow Tea whose blog recently recognized Tea Amigo’s existence. We’re moving up the tea blog totem pole! Anyway, so back toBigelow tea reviews. The ingredients are simple enough: green tea and mint leaves. The secret to this tea’s delicious taste is steepability. Not to violate a famous trademarked slogan from a famous beer or anything. No, the true secret is the balance they struck between the mint and green tea. Bigelow Tea chose perhaps a slightly mintier ratio than I would have chosen myself, but the result is nevertheless delicious. Your journey begins with a sweetened cooling sensation and the finish is that of lightly steeped tea. Overall, a highly enjoyable tea that I would drink as a stand-alone.

Rating: A-

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