Bigelow Earl Grey Tea – A Teasan’s Best Friend

Bigelow Earl Grey


: Bigelow Earl Grey Tea is the best bang for your buck Earl Grey tea you are going to find. The back of the tea package has some marketing material that I found humorous until I actually tried thisBigelow Earl Grey. It describes this Earl Grey as an “aristocratic blend,” a description that can hardly be taken seriously until you actually try this tea and instantaneously transmorph into the Earl Greyhimself, sipping this tea in your chambers chateau on a mountaintop in Wales. Then you instantly understand that Bigelow Tea was not futzing around when they created this blend.
This Earl Grey tea stands on par with some of the most prestigious names in this sport: Harney and Sons, Taylor’s of Harrogate, and others without the premium tea price tag. Dax, induct this bad boy into our Best Teas.

Rating: A+


: Bigelow tea reviews come around often due to Bigelow tea being such a dominate force in the tea game. Everywhere I go I see Bigelow tea. Wake up in the morning, Bigelow Constant Comment toothpaste. Want some breakfast, Bigelow French Vanilla in the mix. Go check the mail, Bigelow Mint Medley sample. Fill up your tank at Shell, you get the picture. So Bigelow earl grey tea is one that you can catch virtually anywhere, and you should get it. The bergamot is splendid and the black tea base forms a staples in the earl grey teacommunity. Teasans, lend me your ears. Bigelow Earl grey is on hit.

Rating: A

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