Bigelow 100% Ceylon Tea – The OG Black Tea

Bigelow OG


: So the wife asks you to bring home someblack tea after work and of course, like a male, you totally forget. Fortunately, or unfortunately, Bigelow tea has you covered, as you cop some Bigelow Ceylon tea from the gas station. As you knowBigelow tries to capture the convenience market by selling at gas stations. This Bigelow 100% Ceylonis the OG never seen in a regular store. The black tea makes a decent attempt at stardom, but as you can imagine, only ends up being a normal citizen.

Rating: B


: Bigelow 100% Ceylon Tea is not the kind of tea you would serve the Duchess of York if she were over at your crib, but it makes for the perfect daily drinker. This is the perfect after-meal black tea to settle your stomach post ingestion and cap off your consumption binge. Or, have it in the morning for a little caffeine boost. While the taste can best be described as “neutral” or “leafy but not grassy,” this Bigelow tea makes up for it. It’s not old, or stale, just a standard, unflavored Bigelow black tea. I’d sooner drink this than Lipton Black Tea or black teas from other brands of tea for that matter. Make Bigelow 100% Ceylon Tea your daily drinker.

Rating: B+

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