Benner Green Tea with Orange, Passion Fruit, and Jasmine – Aldi Style

Benner Passion Green


: Benner tea is a brand of tea available at your local Aldi. I’m normally a fan of Aldi, good store wth inexpensive prices on a huge variety of groceries. When I moved to the states, it was the only place my parents shopped. Mad props to Aldi for helping us make it through those formative years.
Unfortunately, the Benner tea brand falls apart because this Benner Green Tea with Orange, Passion Fruit, and Jasmine is pretty bad. The flavored green yea has a chalky almost cardboard-like taste, and the tea itself has a stale flavor. I suppose the one redeeming aspect is that the fruity portion is tolerable and does a good job masking the wackness until the aftertaste. Not a complete waste but I wouldn’t bother with it.

Rating: D+


: Benner green tea with orange, passion fruit, and jasmine was a shocker staring at me in a Wisconsin Aldi. I’m used to seeing the likes of Grandessa mint tea or something else from the tea brand, but this newbie had to be investigated. A notable occurence was when I tore off the flavor-sealing plastic and BOOM, said flavor was unleashed, making my car smell like a wave flower power. As far as the taste goes, I have to say that it is pretty clean. It’s got a tinge of stale as hale in it, probably due to their infrastructure and shipping, but Benner passion fruit green tea is nice to work with.

Rating: B+

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