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Jasmine Asian Taste


: Fledgling teasans reading this tea reviewmight not know what Jasmine Tea is. That’s ok. I was once in your shoes. Jasmine teas come in one of two basic varieties: pure jasmine tea, and jasmineflavored tea. The difference is that jasmine flavored tea has a base of either oolong tea or green tea, while pure jasmine tea contains no actual tea leaves.

Anyway, so Asian Taste Jasmine Tea is a jasmine flavored tea with an oolong base. If you cannot tell just yet, that’s ok.  Again I was once in your shoes. Mine of course were much smaller than yours because I learned this critical distinction when I was 2 years old but don’t get down on yourself. This particular tea is cooling to the senses in a way other teas are not. A faint, but noticeable jasmine aroma accompanies a lightoolong tea taste. It leaves a delectably bitter finish and the type of pleasant dryness to the throat that only a strong tea can bring.

Rating: A


: The wifey hooked me up with a box of some Jasmine tea that she’s had for a while. The box is elegant as well as mysterious, so of course TeaAmigos had to step in and investigate. Asian Taste seems to be the brand of the tea, and an Asian feel swept over me during the first sips. The flavor is faintly sweet but very encapsulating, using tea leaves that come from Tianhu, China. This is a great entrance tea if you are thinking about indulging in some Jasmine goodness. Consult your local Filipino store and sink in. Oh, and try it cold, money in the bank.

Rating: B+

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