Alnatura Gruner Gunpowder Tee – The Blitzkrieg

Alnatura Gunpowder


: So the wife gets on her globetrotting steez and hits up Germany to visit our cousins. Thinking about her dufus husband, she grabbed a fewspecialty teas from the German brand Alnatura. I don’t know what the fudge the package says, but I’m guessing this is some all natural tea. Alnatura Gunpowder tea is first up to the plate. From the looks of it, it seems that this tea, once steeped, will get up out of the tea press and walk to the men’s room. It reminds me of Little Shop of Horrors where the plant is screaming, “Feed me!”. Despite the super growth of the loose tea during the steep, this beast gave off a familiar oolong tea smell. The taste is very powerful and confirmed my oolong beliefs. It’s kinda nice to be able to distinguish the nationality of the tea that you’re sippin on, as this Alnatura tea does not taste Chinese whatsoever. Ahh the life of ateasan…pick this one up if you are ever tea shopping in Germany.

Rating: B


: Alnatura Gunpowder Tea, aka Gruner Tee in the native German, is a German loose tea. Because neither Dax nor I speak or understand German, we used our masterful Teasanship to determine that thisAlnatura tea was an oolong tea. So how does it taste?
The aptly named Alnatura Gunpowder Tea is blitzkrieg of flavor, marching into your mouth wif the quickness. An almost creamy aftertaste carpet bombs your tongue as you realize you may have oversteeped. Oversteepage certainly created a heightened bitterness that may not have been there otherwise but I am a fan of extreme flavors and actually cherished it. This may not be the most flavorful oolong tea, but Alnaturaprovides a solid, daily drinker with no obvious bad taste qualities. I’d definitely give this one a shot.

Rating: B+

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