Alnatura Glucks Tee – Y’all Drink Cris, I Drink….This

Alnatura Glucks


: Alnatura Glucks Tee: Kakaoschalen mit Rooibos und Vanille is a German tea whose veracity cannot be doubted unless you want Panzer divisions rolling through your backyard. We have one other Alnatura Tea Review already under our belt, a rather delicious oolong tea with a German vibe so strong it’ll have you listening to Rammstein in no time. This rooibos tea is gentler than most, with a hearty splash of vanilla and some cocoa pods thrown into the mix. A strong cinnamon taste is felt though it does not appear in the ingredients list. I’m generally not a fan of rooibos for its “pine needle sweetness” taste but this one was aight. Perfectly drinkable and all it takes is a splash of bovine lactate and some sugar cane and you habve yourself a tasty dessert tea. If you encounter some of this Alnatura tea, try it.

Rating: B+


: Alnatura tea has some great earth tones in their packaging, and also some fire rooibos tea. Glucks tee, which I’m guessing has something to do with vanilla and rooibos tea, is a great bold dessert tea that will have you reaching for some vanilla wafers or other delicious treat. The swet taste of rooibos is dominant, and you get a slight sweetness in your throat that can only be described as “rock candy epervessence”. Alnaturasurprised me with this one, so I surprised it back with some creamer and a pinch of sugar. The condiments were well accepted, making for a poppin specialty tea.

Rating: A-

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