Almond Cookie Tea – Just Like Grandma Makes It

Almond Cookie


Almond Cookie Tea is a custom blend offlavored tea from the Coffee and Tea Exchange. Smelling this loose leaf tea causes your nostrils to palpitate with pleasure from the bakery scent. The teaitself has actual almonds in it, some red hairs, and believe it or not, actual black tea. I assumed it would be an herbal tea but apparently not.

The taste is rather neutral and no where as strong as the smell. It could certainly be richer in taste and body. Don’t get me wrong, it is nevertheless delicious but it still sustains some of that watered down nature. I happened to have a chocolate near me and when I tried that, this tea became the taste sensation sweeping the nation. As a dessert tea, it definitely earns an A+. However, as a stand-alone tea…

Overall Rating: B+


: This is another great loose leaf tea that I picked up from the Coffee & Tea ExchangeAlmond Cookie tea was purchased solely due to the name, Almond Cookie. In the words of Robert Palmer: simply irresistible. Its oven-fresh fragrance instantly puts you in your grandma’s kitchen where oatmeal raisin cookies have just come out of the oven. Watch out… they’re too hot to eat just yet, but this tea would be a perfect complement to said baked goods. Savor this Almond Cookie tea with a tiny bit of sugar and milk to give it that dessert feeling. The smell is really something to admire in this loose tea, throughout its lifespan in my teacup, the sensation of freshly baked cookies never escaped me. This might be one of the best teas for after dinner. Enjoy.

Overall Rating: A

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