Allegro Himalayan Green Tea – Part of Your Whole Check

Allegro Himalayan


: Now don’t get me wrong people, I am a fan ofgreen tea, but sometimes the tea just isn’t my cup of said beverage. Allegro Himalayan Green tea just didn’t sit too well, even though they boast that their blend holds Chinese and rare Indian Green Darjeeling teas. I did a side by side comparison taste test with an authentic Chinese tea from China, you can only guess who won. So far Allegro fine teahas been pretty good with the steepability, but this certain tea missed the mark. I steeped it quite lightly, as green darjeeling tea can be bold. Nonetheless it had that oversteeped taste all the way through. Somebody fudged this one up.

Rating: C+


: When Whole Foods enters the tea junket, beta teasans beware. Whole Foods isn’t here to appear weak and they come correct with the flavor generally. Whole Foods does not control a large part of the tea turf yet but you know when they step into the game with their own brand, the likes of daily drinkers and lower quality creations best move aside or be rolled over. Allegro Himalayan Green tea is my favorite of the bunch so far.

If you want a very authentic, real tasting green tea then Allegro Himalayan Green is your one stop shop for the green tea pop. It’s that grassy umph-factor (TM pending) that many expect from a solid green tea and a smooth finish worthy of the Whole Foods title. My obsession with WF started just a few weeks ago when I was on vacation in Scottsdale, AZ. I had a Whole Foods close by and ended up going there all the time. Amazing beer, amazing tea. Regardless, this Allegro Green tea is about as authentic as it can get. It does not have that almost supernatural flavor quality of a Taylors of Harrogate or Mighty Leaf tea, but it’s definitely got something (umph-factor). This exceeds daily drinker by a long shot.
Rating: A-

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