Allegro Estate Ceylon Tea – Just Your Average Craigslist Apartment

Allegro Estate Ceylon


: Allegro Estate Ceylon tastes mostly like your pretty average black tea but let it steep for a bit, sizzle for a mizzle, brew for a few, and you will discover some interesting floral essences that will elevate this Allegro tea from daily drinker (B range quality) to the upper echelons of teasanship. I left it on brew mode for a long time. At first when I tried it it tasted like a decent steeper with potential. Brew for a little longer and your tongue will be overcome. Nice job Allegro!

Rating: A-


: Allegro tea serves up their Estate Ceylonvarietal that comes up quite normal. I equate the estate as normal, like a 2 bedroom 1 bath. You got your regular amenities such as the included appliances, bad plumbing, odd colored carpet; the basics. Allegro Estate Ceylon tea is just a basic black tea, a tad smoother than Lipton tea, but same weight class. I could see a machine harvesting this, not a well trained field hand.

Rating: B

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