Ahmad Peach & Passion Fruit Tea – The Bomb. Period.

Ahmad Peach Passion


: This tea is bomb, straight up. The problem with most fruit teas is that they only provide a slight hint of flavor which makes the tea taste like water with a tear of flavor, or the exact opposite: the fruity tea tastes like fruit juice with a hint of tea.

Let me tell you, this Passion Fruit Tea from Ahmad Teas got the formula right. It’s the perfect blend ofblack tea goodness that harnesses the elusive power of peach and passion fruit to give you a beverage capable of astonishing even the most snobbish of teasans. It smells better than the rarest of frankincense, and the aftertaste reminds you that you are still drinking a strong, full-bodied Ahmad black tea. Ahmad wasn’t messing around when he came up with this brew. He grabbed the reigns and commanded his slave-gnomes to brew up some of this wicked, decadentPeach Tea. The one thing I don’t understand is why the data on the back is written in Russian. Maybe it’s aRussian Tea or something.

Overall Rating: A+


: Peach & Passion Black Tea from Ahmad Tea brings up an lighthearted anecdote about my past. All my life my mom worked at Warner-Lambert, which is now called Pfizer. They make Dentyne Ice, Trident, Listerine, and plenty of other bathroom trinkets. I used to chew gum all day erryday, nonstop. Cavity-prone as I was, I can remember the tastes and smells of each flavor of gum, and this combo of fruit and black tea smells exactly like Mixed Fruit Trident. I put a stack on it, no doubt.

The tantalizing aroma of this peach & passion tea from Ahmad Tea had my mouth watering just like the gum did. Flavor for days, son. I feel like the peach in this tea quickly morphs back and forth between peach, apricot, and honeysuckle. Did you ever pick those little purple flowers and suck on the ends of the bristles when you were little? Ahhh the days of summer camp… This black tea is a thought provoker, I’m already ranting about the old school. Go get some of this exotic tea now, and take a dip into the past.
Overall Rating: A-

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