Ahmad Lemon and Lime Black Tea – Follow Your Nose

Ahmad Tea Lemon Lime


: Ahmad tea has their technique down. It has been a while since we did the tea review on theirPeach and Passion tea, so I was ready for more quality. Not disappointed one bit with Ahmad Lemon and Lime black tea. There was no lemony overload, no twang in my throat. Just a crisp black tea with the glory only Ahmad could include. Trueteasans know good tea. Buy this stuff asap, and tellAhmad the TeaAmigos sent you. Double word score for the popular Lemon Lime equation. Sprite isn’t the only one that can take household flavors and make a beverage this banging. You already know what to do.

Rating: A+


: Ahmad Lemon & Lime tea is a flavored black tea whose taste sweeps you off your feet with the quickness. Take a whiff and you will have nostalgic memories exhumed from crypts of childhoods past because this Ahmad tea has an aroma most reminiscent of green fruit loops. Follow your nose and dive right in and you will taste tart lemon and a gentler lime interacting synergitically to create an ultimate wow factor. I really liked this lemon tea from Ahmad.

Rating: A

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