Aftelier Earl Grey Oolong Perfume Tea – We Need Bergamot!

Aftelier EG Oo


: Aftelier Purfumes comes correct once again with an Earl Grey Oolong Tea. One thing that I’m liking about these perfumed teas is the dainty little container that the samples come in. +1 presentation, +2 reusability. Anyways, on to the Aftelier Earl Grey. One note that struck me right off the back was a lacking of bergamotability, the earl grey tea didn’t have that citrusy element to it. What it did have was a supreme sense of cinnamon essense, perhaps some cardamom in there too. This was unexpected, and this teasan loves surprises. The oolong tea was simple, quaint, and made an average effort to be present, but the overall spices took leading role and was nominated for a Golden Globe. Didn’t win, but threw a bomb afterparty.

Rating: A-


: Mandy from Aftelier hooked us up with several teas recently from her perfumed tea lineup. It took us a while to get around to them but now we’re steeping Aftelier tea with authority. Dax and I steeped theearl grey oolong tea, a curious combination indeed. I’ve seen green and black tea earl greys but I can’t recallEarl Grey Oolong tea. Regardless, the combination works and the fragrance is of that oolong tea goodness. The bergamotability isn’t too intense and in my opinion not intense enough! You heard me, Mandy! Nevertheless, Aftelier Earl Grey has a lot of other interesting flavors, spicy and herbal. Give it a good, hard steep.

Rating: A

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