Ahmad Tea Ceylon Earl Grey – Fantabulous Earl Grey Tea

Ahmad Tea Ceylon Earl Grey


: From their dungeon lair deep beneath the surface,Ahmad Tea unleashed some of the best Earl Grey Tea I have tried to date. It’s presence is felt immediately after opening the package, just take a whiff of that Bergamot goodness. I filled up my tea ball with a bunch of the loose leaf tea and let it marinate in a cup of hot water for a long time. When I tried it, the flavor was gone, and the Earl Greywas too bitter, even for me (and I love strong hot tea). Instead of blaming this mess on the Ahmad Tea itself, I took full responsibility. I rebrewed it using fewer tea leaves and less steep time.

The results were spectacular. The Earl Grey Tea was no longer bitter but rather aromatic. The bergamot flavor is intense and no longer overridden by the harshness of overbrewedblack tea. I learned a very important lesson today. Never underestimate the power of a fine earl gray tea. Approach with caution.

Overall Rating: A


: After countless days of reoccurring amnesia, Mike finally brought this earl grey tea that he’s been talking about. Ahmad Tea out of London makes a ceylon earl grey tea that is out of this world. Number one, the smell is definite turn-on. The loose tea reminds me of Nag Champa with a hint of a spice that I probably couldn’t name. The bergamot does not override any other herb flavor in the hot tea, and I really enjoyed the dynamics it brought to my mouth. Earl gray tea is Mike’s favorite, and I can see why. Earl grey is an experience that everyone should undertake, and this earl grey is wonderfully smooth and delicious. Ahmad Ceylon tea is my favorite earl grey tea so far, go cop some.

Rating: A

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